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Printing ICC profiles for soft proofing in PhotoShop

These profiles are used for soft proofing in PhotoShop only.

1. Download the files to your desktop.
(for a mac, hold the ctrl key when you click) 

for photographic prints 12" and below
Nichols_Small_Prints-Lustre.icc : Click here

for photographic prints 13" and above
Nichols_Large_Prints-Lustre.icc: Click here
Nichols_Large_Prints-Glossy.icc: Click here
Nichols_Large_Sizes-Metallic.icc: Click here

for Press Printed Products
Nichols Press Dull.icc : Click here
Nichols Press Pearl.icc : Click here
Nichols Press Linen.icc: Click here
Nichols Press Gloss Flyers.icc: Click here
Nichols Press Pearl Flyers.icc: Click here

for Inkjet prints and Gallery Wraps
Nichols_Inkjet.icc0: Click here

2a. Installing profiles on a pc:

right click on the downloaded file then click install profile.

2b. Installing profiles on a mac:

copy the files into the profiles folder usually located user, (your login name), library, color sync, profiles.

3. Go to Photoshop:

Go to view, proof setup, custom and choose the profile.

Soft proofing will not change the orginal file in any way.  It will only let you see what the file is going to look like printed on our printer.  Never embed an output profile for use in our system. You can embed the working space which is usually SRGB or Adobe RGB. Our system uses whatever profile is embedded. If a profile is not embedded our system uses SRGB as the working space.

For monitors
Calibrate your monitor using a Spyder (colorvision), eye-one (xrite) or other monitor calibration device.  Our monitors are set at 5000k, 1.8 gamma.

Any questions please contact Paul Bitner at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it