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Desktop version for mac or PC

  NEOS Retail                                NEOS Pro Basic 

                Retail (for anyone)                 NEOS Pro is for Professional Photographers
                                                             with an account only.
                                                                NEOS Pro has access to all options available at the lab
                                                                  including Package pricing, Studio Color pricing,
                                                                    all payment & delivery options, copyright on back
                                                                   on prints 12x18 and below, and the events module.


Which version should I use? 

NEOS Retail is for the everyday photographer or amateur without an account.  It is simple to use and has the basic tools to place orders.  NEOS Retail doesn't offer all products, payment, delivery, software options.  If you need access to everything your must have an account.

NEOS Pro is for photographers with an account only.  It has all catalogs and all products and advanced features available.  It also has the package catalog for large events, sports, and schools. Professional photographers should sign up for an account and use this version.


Please contact us if you have any questions.  801-486-3053, 800-824-5358. 
Remote support available.  Call then click here.